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Jay Arogyam is known for providing advanced emergency services with rapid response for any kind of treatment. We have well-equipped emergency and trauma center with facilities of international standards. Our emergency department is always ready for these services. The department has state-of-the-art equipment and advanced patient monitoring systems to respond to any medical emergency.

The hospital provides round-the-clock emergency services, with a facility that is fully equipped and managed by a dedicated team of qualified emergency care professionals. A well-defined emergency management system has been developed to increase efficiency of rescue efforts. This includes enhanced first aid on site and improved overall coordination amongst the hospital staff involved in coping with emergency situations. We have developed a special training module for every emergency that may arise. The highlights of our training are as follows:

Basic life support training is given regularly to nurses and paramedical staff

Advanced life support and advanced training in trauma management is given to doctors and ambulance staff

We take complete care of our patient’s through their stay with us. We make sure you get a diet that helps you recover faster. We have a 24*7 kitchen service, which will serve you food at right intervals.

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