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JayDentalCare – Advance Orthodentic Center

Care for your smile
Committed to excellence

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Holistically foster superior methodologies without market-driven best practices.

We Care
For You

Award winning best dental clinic
in Patna

My family trusts Dr Jay Prakash completely, he’s been with us for years and as helped us on numerous occasions

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    More Jay Dental Care

    Root Canal Procedures

    Essentially, a root canal (also known as an endodontic treatment) is the process of taking out damaged or infected…

    Orthodontic treatment

    Orthodontic treatment is highly predictable and immensely successful. Depending on the severity of the malocclusion…

    Oral Cancer

    Surgery is a common treatment for oral cancer. It’s done to remove as much of the cancer as possible…

    Dental Implant Procedure

    Dental implant involves replacing an extracted tooth with a metal stud or post screwed right into the bone to serve as…

    Fractures Treatment

    The word “Fracture” implies to broken bone. A bone may get fractured completely or partially and it …

    Crown & Bridge

    A patient’s smile is analysed which is a starting point for preparing a treatment plan and a cost estimate…

    Cleft lip and plate

    Dietary restrictions are common after palate repair with liquid or puree diets recommended for several days…

    Dr. Jay Prakash

    Dr. jay prakash (Consultant oral 7 Dental Surgeon) Provides all aspects of modern advanced dentistry which includes, root canal treatments, dental implants, crown, veneers, bridges and tooth whitening and many more. The Dental clinic functions on the concept of providing expertise of the various specialists in dental surgery to provide the top most dental to the patients.

    Proud Members

    Dr. Shivani Bharti


    Dr.Shivani Bharti BDS(Hons), practising in Patna. She did her BDS from Buddha Institute Of Dental Science & Hospital Patna Bihar in the year of 2021. She has also completed 1 year Internship from Buddha institute of dental science and hospital.

    She has expertise in all general dentistry services like root canal treatment, extraction, restoration, prophylaxis etc , ensuring that her clients have a one stop shop for all dental needs.

    Dr. Hritika Kashyap


    Dr.Hritika Kashyap BDS (Hons) practising in Patna. She did her BDS from Buddha institute of dental science and hospital Patna ,Bihar in the year of 2021. She has also completed her internship from Buddha institute of dental science and hospital .

    She offers a wide range services for patients of all ages. She also maintains state of the art facilities with the latest in dental technology ensuring that each of her patients get best that modern dentistry has to offer.

    Satyam Sinha
    Dental surgery

    Both Dr. Jay Prakash and Dr. Smriti Panday are well qualified and experienced doctor. Fesses are quite negotiable. Staffs are well cleaned, mannered and equipped with protocols. I am in the first phase of process and having one month to clinic. All are well.
    You should visit.
    Manisha Kumari
    Full Dental Implants

    One of the best dental clinics in Patna. Dr. Smriti pandey is awesome, her nature is very polite and friendly behaviour of staff. You get all dental treatments under one roof at affordable cost. Great equipmets & brilliant set-up..
    I recommend the clinic based on my personal experience as a patient. You must visit jay dental care clinic and see for yourself for world class dental treatment.
    राज आर्यन
    Cosmetic Dentistry

    निजी अनुभवों के आधार पर मैं यह कह सकता हूं कि अनिसाबाद के आसपास के क्षेत्र में इससे बेहतर डेंटल क्लीनिक शायद ही कोई और है । मैंने जब पहली बार जब यहां पर अपने दांतो का इलाज करवाया तो पहले में बहुत ही ज्यादा परेशान था आपने दातों में गर्म ठंड के कारण साथ ही साथ पीछे के सारे दांत मेरे मुझे बहुत परेशान करते थे दांत हिलने लगे थे परंतु संस्थान के डॉक्टर जय प्रकाश पांडे और उनकी टीम के द्वारा जो सुविधा मुहैया कराई गई दंत चिकित्सा के दौरान वह अपने आप में दूसरे दंत चिकित्सकों के लिए और समाज में एक बेहतर स्वास्थ्य सुविधा के लिए आदर्श उदाहरण पेश करता है। बाद में जब मुझे दंत चिकित्सकों के द्वारा इस बात की जानकारी हुई कि मुझे chronic periodontitis की समस्या हो गई थी परंतु इलाज के बाद आज तक के अनुभव को मैं साझा करूं तो मैं यह कह सकता हूं कि अब मुझे दातों से जुड़ी हुई कोइ भी समस्या नही है। साथ ही साथ में यह भी कहना चाहूंगा कि डॉक्टर जयप्रकाश पांडे और डॉक्टर समिति पांडे के द्वारा चिकित्सा के दौरान किया गया व्यवहार बहुत ही सौम्य और सौहार्दपूर्ण था जो आजकल निजी जीवन में बहुत कम ही देखने को प्राप्त होता है।
    Anubhaw Raj
    Dental surgery

    It’s an excellent and best place for total Oral care, specially surgical procedures, Orthodontics treatment and cosmetic treatments.. Here you will get Best dental surgeon with all the specialities. I personally experience and I m very happy to share that in our city we have such well equipped with all the latest instruments technology. Thanks.

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